The press conference of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan

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16 July 2015 at the National Press Center, Information and Communication press conference on the results of the activities of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan in the first six months of 2015 was held with the participation of domestic and foreign journalists.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan and its structures its activities in the first half of 2015 in accordance with the instructions of the President, the Government, the provisions stragegī programs and national development goals.
In the first half of 2015 has been developed for the improvement and development of the system of labor legislation, immigration and employment and create the legal and organizational basis by the ministry in 22 general draft regulations that the number 1 draft bill, 1 command of the President of the Republic 12 draft decisions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, 7 of the draft intergovernmental and interagency agreements between the parties and 1 memorandum.

The development and adoption of these documents are aimed at ensuring sustainable social development, gradually increasing improvement of living conditions, ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of domestic labor migrants and the establishment of international relations.

As of May 1, 2015, the average salary of 884 somoni, increasing by 5.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

In real wages in the fields of construction – 1747, electricity, gas and water supply – 1301 and low wages was registered in the agricultural sector – 282.

In the high wages of labor services in the financial sector – 2295, low wages in the budget sectors: health education – 659, – 694, culture and sports management has made 883 and 922 somoni.

The average wages in the city of Dushanbe – 1469.70, – 667, – 731 – Khatlon, Sughd provinces 655 and DRS – 781 have been registered.

cash expenses and deposits of the population of 9 billion in January-April this year. 445 million. TJS 1 billion compared to the income of the population. 714 million. TJS is increased.

In six months of 2015 are covered in the 69115 enterprises regardless of their form of ownership there, 33385 their number with collective agreements and contracts, which account for 48,3%.

With regard to the prevention and elimination of a number of offenses and compensation for the scum of labor and social rights of citizens was carried out by the supervisory bodies of the ministry’s 1108 units, which number 872 are planned tests. A set of tests from 489 testing on labor issues, 340 to test safety and compliance standards, 69 test units to migration issues and 210 test came right to employment issues, in general, 328 enterprises and government agencies, 657 organizations and 123 private enterprises and economic entities another form of ownership.

As a result of all the tests were completed Control 3475 units violations that 1491 cases, 966 cases of labor issues and compliance with safety standards, 203 cases have migration issues and 815 cases to employment issues.

According to records in the first half of 2015 from 336 625 citizens of our country to travel abroad as labor migrants, are 300 521 of them are male and 36104 women.

migrant workers in this period to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan – 331 253 – 5 372, gathered in the CIS have left 357 507 people.

In recent years, with the aim of regulating labor migration in the Russian Federation to the country’s laws against foreign nationals, including citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, which in this state of temporary labor activity, a number of new requirements.

In this regard were discussed by a group of experts between Tajikistan and Russia, according to the application regulations and other documents of the 5 categories of citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, which flows into the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, after reviewing the submitted applications by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation to the 951 citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, including 190 people donişçўj, was allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that on March 4, 2015, the 13 th session of the Commission on Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation in Moscow. The meeting into laundering and labor migrants – citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, which have a slight offenses, extended (long) working through a patent up to three years, the recognition of documents of medical institutions in the territory of the Russian Federation and more than 30 day period to continue applying the relevant authorities Ross Federation