Tahir Karimzoda that a meeting with the head of the Latvian State Border Protection N. Garʙars

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October 23 this year, in the service of the Ministry of Labor Migration, Migration and Employment Tahir Karimzoda meeting with the head of the State Border of Latvia N. Garʙars held.

In the beginning, the head of the service Tahir Karimzoda receives guests in the migration service, spoke about the main directions of the current activities of the Office in detail. In particular, he noted that as of September 1 this year from 469,575 migrant workers to travel to the country, of which 41,703 are men and 52,544 people. Hence, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation – 460967 – 6805 trip. Of a total of 278,968 of which ʙozgaştagon are migrants.

N. Garʙars, for his thanks for the warm welcome, noted that the overall goal of BOMCA’s Border Management in Central Asia (9) program was to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of border management in Central Asia by introducing more progressive elements of the modern border management and facilitation system State authorities in the development and strengthening of policies in the field of migration management, zudamalī and trade facilitation, the extension of borders and immigration authorities, in order to promote the possibility of providing Nia security and economic development at national and regional levels.

He noted that in this assessment of the missions in each country, meetings were held with representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, border management, immigration, customs and phytosanitary, as well as relevant educational institutions in the region for şinoskunii in the first round of the project program designed to identify potential problems and needs.

The program will be funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of partners led by the Latvian border.

In conclusion, both sides expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation WARRANTY and implementation of this program.
Anvar Yusupov
“Employment and immigration, journalist”.