A round table dedicated to the celebration of the 24 anniversary of Independence in the Migration Service

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September 4 this year, a round table dedicated to the celebration of the 24 anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan with the participation of Chairman of the Council kūhansoloni Unity movement and Revival of Tajikistan, member of the Russian Academy of pedagogical and social sciences, Professor Nader Odilov Migration Service was held in the hall.

It was attended by the management and staff of the Central Office of the Migration Service.

During his speech, noted Professor Rare Odilov that muhimtarinu great achievement of independence, the priceless gift of all people and is one of the nation. Owing to this independence is that our own flag, national emblem, national anthem, the national army, the Border Forces, the national currency, and are a full-fledged member of the United Nations and a member of several prestigious international organizations.

Rich and ancient history, and the end of the last century the great political events in the country, which each have a specific role in his stage.

History has shown that the kingdom Somonien gulgulşukufī and golden era, the formation of the nation’s revival of Turkish culture, the culture, the economy and the state is honored this nation, that all this was possible on the basis of independence and freedom such a powerful state. Yes, the atmosphere of freedom and independence to the whole development of statehood, and various sectors of society to create favorable background. It can be formed in an independent national values, such as national identity, patriotism and appreciation of national wealth.

Fortunately, after centuries coveted national centuries-old dreams come true. Ninth in September 1991 in the Declaration of Independence was adopted, this document was to ensure the independence of our country. Thus, again after thousands of the nation state – independent Tajikistan. In fact, independence is the existence and priceless gift. Independence is a key factor that provides social and economic development of each nation state. This is not a very long period of independence of our country in all spheres of public life has been significant progress.

Valuable gift of independence for the nation, is the head of state coming Supreme wise and ʙarūmand child, Mr. President. It should be noted, that have been eliminated since the coming to power of this man actually commit the nation, the nation saved from disintegration, the risk of loss. Ensure full independence of our country’s contribution Excellency Emomali Rahmon is historical and very effective. In the space of independence, under the wise leadership of President spheres of economy, science, education, culture, health and other day to day being achieved significant progress, – Rare Odilov.

Then, in front of the attendees noted speaking senior specialist of the Department of International Relations, Public Relations and compatriots Abdullah rehearsal, that in the pages of the history of human events and experiences that have over the years gained more status values, will host a special moral and spiritual significance . State independence is among such unique phenomena of national and universal history.

Twenty-four years is that people are celebrating independence day, along with other people and nations always arçguzorivu values ​​from behold the nation eminent çonnisorihoi their children.

Although our independence is young, but its roots reach to the depth of our glorious history and became cultivate from lay thousands of selfless struggle of a courageous champion of our nation’s children, who died in the cause of freedom and independence of the land of ancestors.

Independent political, economic, social and spiritual development before independence, thanks to the reputation of prestige goes up continuously and initiatives of our country in the world to be accepted for the sake of happiness of all citizens of the planet at the global level.

Independence gave Tajikistan closely linked and permanently with the world and with the world and the four gates opened ʙekaronro face to the world. Only thanks to the independence of the state, we could deadlock breaking our country’s own strategic goals and go forward rapidly towards this goal with people dedicated efforts.

Republic celebrated its 24-year anniversary celebration in the context of globalization processes, and full of tazodho world.

To be protected from the impact of developing the globalization process must be robust national consciousness in the minds of young people, to protect our national values ​​from threats in the new century and to strengthen national unity.

Our young roots from the ancient civilization, language and national culture holiest and be aware of the state of their ancestors and to the beginning of the third millennium for the changes in the search