Celebration of the 21 anniversary of the constitution IN MIGRATION SERVICE

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On November 5 this year in the hall of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the meeting dedicated to the 21 th anniversary celebration of the Constitution (Constitution) of the Republic of Tajikistan was held.

Migration Service head Tahir Karimzoda, deputy head of the Office Tolibjon Sharipov and service device.

In his speech the Head Office Tahir Karimzoda, in particular, noted that this year will be the adoption of the Constitution (Constitution) of the Republic of Tajikistan 21 years. The Constitution is an important factor in uniting, the preservation of peace, stability, peace and civil consent in the society. This crucial document all aspects of life and human activities, the state and public structures and taqdirsozest document that makes clear tocikonro development progress in centuries.

Constitution (Constitution) of the Republic of Tajikistan with the efforts of the President of the country Emomali Rahmon was adopted by referendum on November 6, 1994, is composed of 10 chapters and 100 articles.

As in the Constitution (Constitution) of the Republic of Tajikistan: Tajikistan, is an integral part of the international community, responsible and knows his past, present and future generations, and during the sovereignty of the state and all its development, freedom and individual rights considers sacred, equality and recognition of the friendship of all nationalities, has decided to build its position adolatparvarro society.

It should be noted that the international community has continuously evolved in the event of changes and xocsa, that the developing world is due to internal and external changes, xeş¬ro legislation should also give improvement and change in line with the needs of the day. This was during the 24 years of the state independence of two times – September 26, 1999 and June 22, 2003 have been amended to the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan.

It is worth noting that the Constitution of the Republic of the Tajikistan along with the world’s ten most important democratic constitution friendly wise and fair, though, are seen during the civil war, its effect in these twenty-four years of independence.

political independence and global unit was exactly this, that used to be the Soviet jakkahizʙii off and there in the country gunogunhizʙī inherent in democratic society. Therefore, today in the seven political parties and a large number of public associations and being their contribution to the development of various aspects of social life, – stated Tahir Karimzoda.

Then the head of analysis department and ma’lumotdihї Lailo Akhmedova said in a brief speech about the Constitution of the Republic, declared that the Constitution is one of the main symptoms of civil society, the separation of power branches and according to article ninth of the Constitution of the State power into legislative, executive and judicial distributed separately and also mentioned in the articles and chapters on the structure and main directions of activity of the branches of government.

In the second chapter of the Constitution of the republic makes up the basic position of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. It is worth to note that it is devoted to the subject 34 or a third of the Constitution. Specifically, through the Referendum it after amendments, September 26, 1999 and June 22, 2003 have been included in the Constitution, improve, make it possible. Specifically, in its fifth major changes that have been recognized based on human rights and freedoms, its highest value. However, these standards are the mirror of essence of civil society and the main axis of the Constitution of the country. Therefore, this document is crucial for us and a document concerns it considers sacred.

In the current situation, first of all, to improve the level of legal awareness of citizens, is in the spirit of patriotism, national identity and patriotism of the people and guide them to the primary task of all state structures. Generally can be expressed in the Constitution (Constitution) of the Republic of Tajikistan and international purported acts of our traditional religious culture, will Tajik concerns expressed concretely and make this mutasaddiro entities that fully comply with the Constitution and laws .

In the end, Tahir Karimzoda service staff to the 21-th anniversary of the relationship Konsitutsija (Constitution) of the Republic congratulated and wished prosperity and good health to all.

Anvar Yusupov
Employment and Migration, a journalist.