Diaspora in cooperation with the communities living abroad!

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On September 11 this year, the head of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Republic Tahir Karimzoda head between regional security Tajikistan Novosibirsk in Russia, Israel received Sharipov.

During the meeting, the head of the service Tahir Karimzoda noted that the service is always ready to cooperate with Russian diaspora in societies still strong. He claimed that at the same time in the Russian Federation 83 Tajiks societies work, which Migration Service has with each of them mutually beneficial cooperation.

Tahir Karimzoda expressed that he is ready to hold meetings to get acquainted with Russian diaspora leaders of communities to be aware of their activities. Our goal is one, what is more help to our citizens, which focused on labor migration to different regions of the Russian Federation, said Karimzoda.

In turn, the head of the regional security Tajikistan Novosibirsk Russian Federation Sharipov Israel gratitude for warm welcome to the Head Office of the brief information about the activities of his organization. He noted that with the help of more than two thousand citizens Certificate. At the same time continues to work in this direction.

In addition, Israel Sharipov claimed that their organization to the citizens of the republic, which are being provided in the region of Novosibirsk region work have legal auxiliary. This allows the citizens of the country without any interference live and work in this region of Russia.

In conclusion, both sides came to the conclusion that strengthen cooperation in the field of labor migration, more fruitful meetings.

Anvar Yusupov
Employment and immigration, a journalist ‘