Young people in Tajikistan have the opportunity to study at foreign universities

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The 8th International Educational Exhibition was held in Dushanbe, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan, the press service of the TTP reported.

The source noted that the government of Tajikistan supported the initiative to create the exhibition, as it enables young people to get all the necessary information about studying abroad, and to choose the suitable educational institution and consult with specialists on this issue.

It is worth noting that the Chamber currently pays much attention to the education of young people, since this gives an opportunity to further develop the economy and the sphere of entrepreneurship.

This exhibition has been organized for the 8th year, bearing fruit. The universities of different countries, including England, Turkey and the UAE were represented at it. The source stressed that similar exhibitions will be held in Khujand, Tursunzade and Kurgan-Tube.